This game was made for the Games for Change Student Challenge 2022, where the prompt was "Sustainable Cities."

NOTE: This game may run slow on some laptops and older computers.

How to Play

Your task is to build a city in the clouds in 20 days.

Use A and D to move and SPACE to jump. Use W and S to move on ladders.

The panel at the bottom of the screen is your inventory. Click on an item to place it. Right-click to cancel your selection. 

Once you're done placing items, return to the elevator and press E. This will refill your inventory with up to 5 items. 

NOTE: you may have to leave and enter the elevator before pressing E

Press Q to see the unlock tree.

Energy sources have an energy range. Housing must be placed within the range of an energy source. 

Recycling lets you gain an extra item once per turn if your inventory is not full.


All the art, code, design, and music was produced by myself. 

Font from DaFont

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBob Games
TagsAtmospheric, City Builder, nature, Relaxing


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Great game ! I love the visuals, the gamplay works well, and the concept is very interesting ! It's fun to experiment and try different ways of building the city :)